KPI Cover ratios - XBRL Reporting Indicators

Analysing company's financial statements comprised of balance sheets, income statements and cash flow statements may attempts creditors to answer several questions like:

How well the business is doing in the company ? What are its strengths ? What are its weakensses ? 

How does the company fair in its Industry ? Is the company's business improving or deteriorating ?

There are typical questions that each company stakeholders may arise either if authorities, banks, bondholders, shareholders, employees.

To that extant the class of cover ratios include additional important information in the reporting together with asset ratios, liquidity ratios and financial ratios among the others as each of the indicators is designd to vertical support the global community of stakeholders indicating and describing the financial sustainability of the assets in use by the management of company.

Since the community of long term and short term creditors are interested in the company's debt paying ability and the company soundness of investments under management, they might be more interested to know that the company produce income and returns for long term creditors with the necessary level of liabilities exposure. 

On the other hands, banks and bondholders are interested to monitoring the company's ability to repay interest and principal on borrowed funds so that the crucial importance of the Financial charges cover ratio Financial debt coverage ratio and even more, the third party financial cover ratio since a company can receive shareholder financing. 

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