KPI Economic ratios - XBRL Reporting Indicators

Analysing company's financial statements comprised of balance sheets, income statements and cash flow statements may attempts creditors to answer several questions like:

How well the business is doing in the company ? What are its strengths ? What are its weakensses ? 

How does the company fair in its Industry ? Is the company's business improving or deteriorating ?

How does the company create value for its stackeholders ?

This class of indicator provides to the global community of creditors a dataset of most important economic ratios that give an additional insight about the income statement of a company.

Efficiency is a foundamental and basic term in the economy however despite the credit crunch on 2008, the income statement itself cannot provide a compelling set of infomration explaining the efficiency among several areas of activities that a company does.

To that extend, this class of economic ratios that can be provided by the XBRL Data Analytics Engine, can provides in a cost efficient mannear vertical information across sectors therefore for the benefit of the global community of creditors and this will help to mitigate financial risk.

To learn more about economic ratios:

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