KPI's financial ratios used in the Risk Management practice capable of measuring the performance of a portfolio and carrying out the analysis of equity and financial and sustainability risks through a wide range of Key Performance Indicators: Net Financial Position, Intensity of Financial Debts and impact of financial debt as well as risks of insolvency

Net Financial Position (NFP)

This indicator values the company's overall financial position in absolute terms by including all assets and liabilities of a financial nature. 

The value is given by the following difference:

current financial assets (liquidity, disposal assets, current financial loans)

non-current financial assets (financial instruments, financial credits due over 12 months)

current financial liabilities (current bank liabilities, current portion of non-current financial debt, other current financial debts due within 12 months)

non-current financial liabilities (non-current bank liabilities, bonds, other non-current financial debts).

It results of an optimization of the financial risk analysis that uses time classification of the overall net financial position of the enterprise that can be useful for reporting the overall financial balance between assets and financial liabilities.



UNIGIRO is a regtech facilitator. Its dynamic and extensive Key Performance Indicators (KPI) boost real-time monitoring of financial sustainability upgrading risk management regtech tools and corporate social governance.

MONITORING ENTERPRISE CREDIT RISK: the first Smart XBRL Data Analytics Engine Toolkit for Financial Risk Analysis that facilitate Creditors and Investors in monitoring company's creditworthiness and financial sustainability

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