KPI Growth ratios - XBRL Repoting Indicators

Analysing company's financial statements comprised of balance sheets, income statements and cash flow statements may attempts creditors to answer several questions like:

How well the business id doing in the company ? Does the company creates value for stackeholders ? 

How does the company fair in its Industry ? Is the company's business improving or deteriorating ?

How does the company create value for its stackeholders ?

Stakeholders are more likely interested in the long term company investments and financial stability either they are authorities, banks, bondholders, shareholders, employees in respect of their rights as creditors. 

To this extend the class of growth ratio provides a dataset of ratios that measure change comparing last year with the year before in order to understand additional information about a company soundness and itc capacity to maintain and to create value added on a long term basis.

To learn more about the growth ratios:  

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