Current assets are typically cash, marketable securities that investors expect to hold for a particuular time (long-term or short-term investments), accounts receivable, inventory , prepaid expences (expenditure that will expire within one year of time from the date of the balance sheet and that represents a prepayment for an expense that has not yet been incurred. 

The importance to measure this ratio is to monitoring the degree of intensity of the company's current assets along a particular moment in time.

Such a ratio is consequently an important measure since it provides additional information for the community of stakeholders and therefore to investors who are more interested to know the potential of the company to make money   

The value of the intensity of current assets expresses the company ability to create income and therefore potential liquidity coming from revenues (sales) that are running in the business cycle with current investments.

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MONITORING ENTERPRISE CREDIT RISK: the first Smart XBRL Data Analytics Engine Toolkit for Financial Risk Analysis that facilitate Creditors and Investors in monitoring company's creditworthiness and financial sustainability

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